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Obliterated Dreams' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Obliterated Dreams

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An UpDaTe FoR tHoSe WhO cArE [02 Jun 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | loved ]

Well..well..lookie who it is..the chic who never updates..cept for once in a blue moon. O well.. Here we go...

Love life:Pretty good..Found me a little sexy baby who loves me..pritty happy about that. We actually talked about marriage. =)
Friendships:Alright I guess..spent a little time with Tricia last week..still missing Racquel.she's working so hard.
Out Look on life:getting better now that i have God in my life. =)
School: still workin on it
Job:GOT ONE! working in the SEARS routing office w/a whole bunch of techs..it's pritty cool i like it. =)
Bf/Gf:I thought I already answered this one. =P
Sexuality:Straight..FINALLY!! =) =P
Social life:Not really concerned with one..just trying to get my life together.

O well..this has been another word from yours truly..

Cock Roaches & Candy Apples

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*grrrrrrrrrrrr* [03 Feb 2003|07:46pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

side note: livejournal sux..I hadta reload four timez juz to git tha damn page to work.

N E Way..uhmm.. n e thang new? hermmmmm.. O yes! I lost 105lbz in one yr. I realized it when I wuz in the store sunday and I stepped on one of their scales. I wuznt gunna at first..but I wuz the last one to do it.. first it wuz my sis's friend..then my sis..then me.. and at first I thought it wuz wrong.. but gosh darnit. Wuttaya kno.. it wuz rite. And my sis confirmed it. I wuz a fat bitch. =\ O well.. no more! =D I wuz 260 last yr..and now Im 155! woohooo. k...Im not really that excited over it...it's still kinda hard to believe. I've been thinkin.... maybe I should start one of those info-mercialz.. HOW DID U DO IT????? I STOPPED CARING AND DIDNT TRY AT ALL!!! ..wuttaya think? think it'z winner? O well..

Til next time I sho signz of life..
~Cock Roaches & Candy Apples~
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Preparing for tha rapture... [18 Jan 2003|07:52pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]


Well.. what to say? I don't really have much to talk about. Hmm.. letz see:

Love life: fucked az alwayz (tha life..not me...unfortunately)
Friendships: making new ones
Out Look on life: *pending*
School: workin on it
Job: lookin for it
Bf/Gf: does dodging a stalker count?
Sexuality: *pending*
Social life: sux

Well..thaz all I can think of rite now.. but..if u leave ur name and a brief msg.. we'll try to entertain u more next time!

~Cockroaches & Candy Apples~

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back again? [16 Jan 2003|11:06pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Heddo to all that seem to care. If you are reading this, then one of a couple things must b.. 1.Im STILL on your friends list. Even after months. 2.You've been watching and waiting for me to return (which is really sad) and now your dreams have come true. or 3.You just happen to stumble upon my journal..which in this case..Im sorry, but livejournal does not hold me liable for any CRAP u may find on here. So enjoy and try to read it w/a smile.

OMG.. where the hell to start?? The beginning is usually a good place..but lately the beginning seems like the end..and the end doesn't seem to want to get here.. if ya know what I mean. Which Im sure you dont..but who gives a damn? rite?.. O well.. I've quit my fucking job.. I've hated it since day one..and nooooooow.. dun da dun dun.. IM FUCKING UNEMPLOYED!!! Iznt that just NIFTY SKIPPY (thank u courtni)! Gawd.. I miss my friends. ='(.. Racquel and Courtni especially.. I get to see Tricia.. I miss Brians crasi ass. I miss all of us chillin in the auditorium. Welp.. u guys..I told u I wouldn't miss Garinger.. just the people.. I havent been proved wrong yet. O well.. if any of the previously listed read this.. I love u guys.. and I miss you. Even tho I talk to u every once in a gray while.

Gawddamnit..it's 03!! where tha fuck haz tha time gone?

o well.. I guess I've let you guys kno just how alive I am. I shall return to my carnal grave. G'bye.. until next yr! (if I'm alive)

O yea..one more thing.. If u scroll down a couple entries.. you'll see where I was talkin about a girl named Carrie I wuz talkin to.. yea.. she died...in a car accident. I wuz pritty crushed about it. O well.. juz thought pplz should kno...just so I wuznt leavin u hangin on that. =\ Byez!

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hermmmmmmmm.............. [03 Oct 2002|08:52pm]
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[10 Jul 2002|03:16pm]
[ mood | loved ]


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FLOATING ON CLOUD 99 [08 Jul 2002|09:15pm]
[ mood | loved ]


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hot damn [06 Jul 2002|05:46am]
[ mood | loved ]


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Diskisions... Diskisions..hehehe!!! [28 Jun 2002|11:45am]
[ mood | confused ]

Aight.. here's the deal. I'm talking to this girlie girl named Carrie she lives in statesville.. anywho.. she'll be in Charlotte all next week and she wantz to meet up w/me. I want to meet up w/her too. I really like her.. she's sweet.funny ..and muy pretty. *hehehe* She wants to take me to these clubs called Scorpios and Velocity.. Well one problem comes into play there..I dont have my state ID.. so I won't be going there. I really have to git that shit.. lol.it's holding me back. I wont git mah hopes up..but I hope it goes somewhere. :o)

O yea..and git this shit.. MY MOM AND HER HUBBY HAVE DECIDED TO CHARGE ME RENT. O well you bes believe that it won't last that long.. and on top of that.. some shit's goin to change if I have to pay to live here. >=) O yea.. I have some shit up my sleeve. hehehehehe!!

Aight..well that's all fur now.


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WOO HOO!!!! [20 Jun 2002|06:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's my bro's last night in town..he's going to Florida. Well ... it was friday and I had just got paid..so I decided to treat him that night. Well.. it was me, him and his friend steve. First we went to Capt'n D's... and we got something to eat. Then I bought them some vodka..and this is where the plot thickens. We go to the ABC store...and omg.. there's this fuggin GORGEOUS chic out there right? She's puerto rican or something.. she's damn hott is what she is.. and I mean.. HOTT. Anyway.. mah bro gets really interested.. and I was interested too..but I couldn't do anything about it... so as Steve and I are walking into the store... my bro goes to talk to her.. well we come out and my bro is sitting in the car. Well.. I'm walking around to the passenger side to hop in..and I'm fuggin staring this girl down on the sneak tip.. well she's staring right back at me..and she smiles at me... and I'm like ok wtf??? So I get in the car..and my bro's like.. "you know I bombed that right??" and ... me and Steve are like..wtf ya know.. cuz my bro isn't ugly. So he was like.."man.. she's dyking it." LMGDMFAO!!!!! man I started cheeesing... and I was like.."damn that's why she was staring at me" and Steve even said.. "yea man I did notice her staring you down kinda hard"

LMAO... well needless to say I felt and still do feel good. heheh :-D :o)

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